AnonSeed's purpose

AnonSeed is a file sharing system which enables you to share files forever,
completely anonymously.

What can I share with AnonSeed

With some minor limitations on what content we are willing to share for you,
AnonSeed will make sure your files will always be available as long as you
share the link to the torrent file, share the magnet link, or save the
torrent file and share it with others directly.

The only things we don't want to share at the current time—and this may
change in the future—are (a) full length industry movies, (b) files that
can be easily found on any torrent or download site (movies, music albums,
etc), and we will never tolerate illegal media (underage nudity).

We will remove small files that can be easily shared dozens of other ways.

What is a torrent

A torrent file contains meta information that helps you connect to other
people who are sharing files (seeds).

Can you make a version of this that doesn't use torrents


What do I do with a .torrent file

You open a .torrent file with your torrent client or web service (see below)
and the files will be downloaded.

What if there is no seed

AnonSeed torrents will always have a seed. Check your settings to ensure you
are able to connect to any torrent. Wait for a connection. If there is still
no seed after 12-24 hours, make a post on the discussion board.

What do I use to download torrents


uTorrent 2


• Check your package manager.



iOS (for the mentally disabled)

iTransmission guide from iosninja
iTransmission guide from 7labs